Asphalt Maintenance

worker patching asphalt maintenance St. Catharines ON

Asphalt pavement is used in various industries due to its longevity, cost-effectiveness, ease of building, and sturdiness. For example, asphalt is the preferred material for parking lots from across the country because it can sustain larger loads and, if properly maintained, may endure for many generations.

St. Catharines Pavers does have its asphalt mix facilities to create mixes for each customer to deliver just the perfect blend for your needs. This expedites the completion of your asphalt project’s lifespan and allows us to use new asphalt mix every time; no leftovers.

Any old asphalt that we remove is also recycled! We offer asphalt management services for everything from big highways to parking lots. We work on anything from retail to college parking lots, condominiums, to owner organization streets. Resurfacing is precisely what it sounds like: it involves placing a fresh surface layer immediately over your current asphalt. Before installing the new layer, the existing asphalt is wiped clean of dirt and a tacking coat asphalt adhesive) is used to enhance the adhesion of the new asphalt to the older one. This is the least expensive way of repaving. However it has downsides.

St. Catharines Pavers has built a place among the best industrial asphalt repair services companies. We have proved our quality service, supplies, technology, and quality in all of their undertakings by offering the best, full-service asphalt repair services to our corporate, industrial, and civic clients throughout the years.

St. Catharines Pavers can manage any size resurfacing job with our expert people and sophisticated fleets of machinery. We want to demonstrate our many resurfacing processes to meet any resurfaced work you may well have.

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