Parking Lot Striping & Marking

line striping on parking lot St. Catharines ON

Parking Lot Striping, also called Traffic Markings, ensures that traffic flows smoothly and that parking stalls and zones for automobiles are appropriately defined. Vibrant, resilient line stripes for stalls, signs for entries and exits, signs for the given signal on parking areas, handicapped parking bays, strictly delineated fire lane sections, and other features comprise a successful park striping arrangement.

Each 5-6.9 years, explore line marking solutions and parking lot line painting. Based on where you’re from, how often you use your car park, and so on, some parking spaces require resealing after 2-3 years due to weather, large trucks, and other factors. Because of this, we prefer to review all properties before submitting a bid. A new display also implies that your parking lot markings and handicap space marking will become more modern and ADA compatible than the incredibly older parking areas with damaged lines.

While a new design is good, it is preferable to have these items inspected and changed as needed! We are pleased to offer expert pavement striping and marking services for business and governmental parking lots. In addition, we are experts in local code regulations, ensuring that new striping schemes are sharp and correct.

Our asphalt striping professionals exclusively utilize high-quality tools and equipment to guarantee that your pavement lines can endure poor environments, regular use, and other conditions that lead your striping to blister, fade, discolor, or lack effectiveness.

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